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We provide the best complex logistics services since 1999.

Our team consists of professionals to whom logistics is passion, we provide professional service, selection of optimal methods and ensure timely implementation.
Our internal work system provides the highest standard of service, in which great emphasis is placed on security during the execution of tasks and thorough documentation process, so that in the end, our customers receive the best service from planning to settlement of the project.

Experience has taught us, that tasks should be done on the basis of good partnership relations of all parties involved in the service, complete honesty, and commitment to the implemented actions.

Our way of thinking results in constantly growing list of satisfied customers and subcontractors.

If you are looking for a reliable partner in transport services, customs services, warehousing, or you are looking for a company to entrust with outsourcing of logistics services, Polmark is the right place to go.
Write us or call us, we will find a perfect solution for your needs.

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International Transport

From the very beginning of our company we specialized in international transports.
The geographical range of our services is not limited to Western Europe, we also operate in Russia and countries of the former Soviet Union.
Our employees are experienced in transporting goods of high risk, we can organise convoys, and transport dangerous goods (ADR).
We specialize in delivery of finished products, with our strong emphasis on safety, we are successfully serving the electronic industries, clothing, and foodstuffs.
All services are carried out under protection of relevant insurance policies and thorough selection of employees and subcontractors.

Inland Transport

The cooperation with major trade and production companies, led to creation of our department which deals with domestic supplies.
Currently, we provide delivery services all over Poland. Our diversified fleet allows us to cope with every task.
Cooperation with chemical industry companies helps us in delivering goods using vehicles adapted for transporting dangerous goods ADR.
For construction companies we provide services with standard 13,6m trailers, or grab lorries.
Our internal quality system has made our company trusted within trade and electronics companies, therefore our service range has been augmented with high-value goods transport services, and complex trading service processing.

Complex services

We can offer your company specialized services – the so-called contract logistics.
Regardless of what task would you give us – whether we would have to organise a convoy, or specialised loading service, unloading and transport – we can do it with a 100% assurance for proper performance of services.
Our company has a well developed web of customs facilities, and we secure our transports with proper transit documents – T document or TIR carnet. We work with the best customs agencies in the country and abroad. Such a wide range of services gives our customers a comprehensive service, fit to his needs.


Our company has continuously circulating warehouse space with controlled temperature and humidity in Upper Silesia region. Part of the warehouse is suitable for shipments held on high storage racks, however, we also have the opportunity to store goods at ground level. Modular design of the magazine allows us to quickly adapt the surface and buildings to the customer needs. We are using the latest WMS software, provide full control of movements of goods in real time, in order to keep the customers inventory stock as minimal as possible. We are providing comprehensive services – cross-docking services, distribution, packaging, packing, quality and quantitative control.

If you are interested in an offer for your company, please contact with:
Dawid Matczak
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email: d.matczak@pphupolmark.pl:


Supply management

FIFO, FEFO and LIFO – fitted to your needs.



Monitoring, alarm systems, and full insurance of stored items.


Flexible approach

Our working hours adapted to the working hours of our customers.


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